Cardinals Win Game 5 of NLDS vs. Washington Nationals

Call them the “Wild-Cards”.  Call them the “Card-i-nlcs”.  I remember exactly where I was when Freese hit the 2-out, 2-strikes, 3-2 count triple in Game 6 of the World Series against Texas.  I was in a hotel room in Philadelphia, and the TV’s on our floor could not get the game channel (A FOX channel as I recall).  So I found that ESPN was giving the game audio away over the internet, and I loaded up that little game app where you have a little screen that shows the baseball field, and shows the ball direction and landing spot in animation. If the ball is caught a red X appears and if it drops a little green spot appears.  Freese connects, the virtual ball is following it’s little arc in the curved trajectory of the animated ball field, and I’m expecting a red X and I see this little green spot appear, and the ESPN feed announcer is going berserk “A Triple!  A Triple!  Freese has hit a Triple!”


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