The Winding Road to OOW 2016

It’s definitely been an interesting chain of events that takes me ultimately this year to Oracle Open World 2016 next week. I had not planned to attend this year. I was busy working several consulting gigs when Sushil Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer at Robin Systems, reached out to me over LinkedIn. I learned finally where that consistent San Jose hit showing up in Google Analytics Geo on my Google Sites blog at had originated; it was from Robin Systems. My blogging on my techniques for putting Oracle in LXC had caught their attention.

Robin Systems is a startup which emerged from stealth in April of this year. Robin has developed an Application-Defined LXC Linux Container software platform with extensions for Docker and exciting QoS, snapshot, and time-travel features, all running on an OpenvSwitch SDN.

I’m at the St. Louis airport right now waiting for my flight to New York. I am honored and very pleased to have had my abstract Oracle Linux Container Update selected for presentation at the quarterly general meeting of the NYOUG today, September 14. I’m making a quick day trip in and out no hotel so it’s a 6:00 AM departure. The NYOUG Preso is boxcars to OOW this year which makes for a lot of work and travel.  I’m writing this blog on my BlackBerry Z30 OS10 device with true multitasking and microkernel architecture on-the-fly. 

So, in early August my wife and I flew out to Robin Systems to learn more about what it is that they are doing and what is being built at their Silicon Valley HQ in San Jose, and also to discuss a collaborative effort.  In other words I was interviewed by Robin Systems.  We also flew out together to squeeze in a long-overdue weekend at the wonderful Monterey Tides Resort right on the beach at Monterey Bay before Yelena started her school year as Professor of Russian Language at St. Louis University.

I’ve been working on Oracle Enterprise software in LXC Linux containers for about two years and have my own open source project for running Oracle Enterprise software on Ubuntu kernels (no hypervisor) in GA. Even before that, in 2012, I was blogging right here at WordPress about putting virtualized Oracle systems on OpenvSwitch networks. I was excited about the work and challenges at Robin Systems so I was very happy to be invited to join the team just ahead of Oracle Open World 2016.

As a result, I’ve been crisscrossing the USA from coast-to-coast frequently over the past month, and the acceptance of the abstract at NYOUG added a couple more legs to my sudden return to the jet set after being anchored for about a year with light travel.

So, it’s a swing to NYC today, then right back to STL home base tonight on the last non-stop, and then several full speed hectic days of system architecture hands-on building for OOW 2016, leading up to the exciting days of my third consecutive OOW.

This new position at Robin and the writing of this blog has precipitated the renewed use of my long-dormant WordPress account. Thanks WordPress for not deleting my account. “They also serve who only stand wait.”


Cardinals Win Game 5 of NLDS vs. Washington Nationals

Call them the “Wild-Cards”.  Call them the “Card-i-nlcs”.  I remember exactly where I was when Freese hit the 2-out, 2-strikes, 3-2 count triple in Game 6 of the World Series against Texas.  I was in a hotel room in Philadelphia, and the TV’s on our floor could not get the game channel (A FOX channel as I recall).  So I found that ESPN was giving the game audio away over the internet, and I loaded up that little game app where you have a little screen that shows the baseball field, and shows the ball direction and landing spot in animation. If the ball is caught a red X appears and if it drops a little green spot appears.  Freese connects, the virtual ball is following it’s little arc in the curved trajectory of the animated ball field, and I’m expecting a red X and I see this little green spot appear, and the ESPN feed announcer is going berserk “A Triple!  A Triple!  Freese has hit a Triple!”

What Cloud Provider is NOT Best for Your Business?

Logicworks Gathering Clouds blog focuses on the ways a business should approach their cloud strategy. The content presents considerations a company should make on whether moving to a cloud provider is right for their business: What they should look for in cost savings, expertise and where the premium pricing makes sense. Share your thoughts on Twitter @CloudGathering

Cloud Player: Shannon Williams – Vice President at Citrix

Recently Jacob Gardner of Logicworks had the pleasure to have an extended and insightful conversation Part 1 here and Part 2 here with Shannon Williams, VP of Market Development for Cloud Platforms at Citrix. They discussed a range of topics related to how Shannon sees businesses leveraging cloud to grow, his perspectives on the industry at large, and where he sees the space developing. Share your thoughts on Twitter @CloudGathering.

“We are in the first inning of a long game of modernizing IT, and so what it means over the next year to even 10 years, is that we are going to see changes really start to penetrate into the everyday lives of IT managers, particularly the way application developers and architects think about building services and bringing new apps to market. Since it’s early, it’s also volatile.”

Shannon Williams VP at Cloudstack

Shannon Williams VP at Cloudstack sharing his perspectives on the evolution of cloud